Pool Landscape Design, Casa Grande, Ahwatukee, Maricopa Arizona

Want to spruce up your existing home or are you planning on the purchase of a new home in the Phx Area? Whichever the case, we have a landscape package designed to fit most of the home lots here in Maricopa and Pinal counties. Our landscape packages include these three options.

  • Low water, low maintenance package
  • A mixed landscape package
  • An entertainment package

Each one offers a variety of plants, trees, and automated, time-controlled systems designed to care and maintenance easy. Want to add a barbeque, fireplace, or perhaps you’d like a putting green. You have your choice of pre-designed, pre-priced features that you can add to compliment your landscape package. We have experienced custom landscape designers available if you’d like to have something completely unique for your new or existing home. Either way, you only pay for what you want or need in your landscape design package. As a landscape consultant, we provide you with project advice so that when you’re ready to start your project you feel confident going forward knowing you’ve got a list of reliable contractors with good pricing and good plans.


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